Contract Work in Ambedkar University

In the early months of 2014, the teachers at Ambedkar University formed the Ambedkar University Delhi Faculty Association (AUDFA) and subsequent to that, deliberated on issues concerning both the faculty and students, the faculty’s place in the university structure, the functioning of the university, etc. Articles of the Faculty Association state that it is in solidarity with all other groups (students, non teaching staff, etc.) in the university and will use its position Continue reading

Vijay, Cook

Vijay is from Kishanganj, Bihar. He came to Delhi in 1994 at the age of 18 and is a domestic servant. He worked in family homes but now works for university students as they are willing to pay more. He makes two visits a day, working 5-6 houses in all. He starts from 5.45 a.m. in the morning and finishes at about 1:30 p.m. He goes again at 5 p.m. and finally finishes by 11 p.m. Continue reading

Anurag, Student, Pune

Anurag is from an empoverished family in Bihar. After having spent his childhood in rural, semi-urban areas of Bihar, he came to Delhi, hoping to receive help from more fortunate kinfolk. These are all the things he did/does: Did BA (Programme) from Garhwal University, working in a private school in a village in Uttrakhand which took care of expenses. Life was hard and after a point he had to return to Delhi. He continued to give exams. Call centers in Delhi, which would Continue reading

Housekeeping Workers in OP Jindal University / ओ. पी. जिन्दल ग्लोबल विश्वविद्यालय के सफाई कर्मचारी

A total of 125 workers are employed for the whole University Campus. They work in two shifts of 8 hours. The first shift starts from 6 a.m. till 2 p.m., and the second from 2pm till 10pm. They take care of all 80 flats on campus, the grounds, the staircases and corridors. Apart from the cleaning work, they are also made to help around with students’ luggage, loading and unloading furniture across campus, running personal errands for the managers etc.

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Foreign Language Student Doubles as Security Guard / फॉरेन भाषा का विद्यार्थी अपनी युनिवर्सिटी में सिक्यूरिटी गार्ड


Shyam (name changed), a foreign language BA student from Delhi University, pays for his own education by working as a security guard in one of the PG hostels for men in the same university. His father irons clothes to sustain his family and his mother does housework. As a security guard, Shyam gets minimum wage of 245 per day, coming to a total of around Rs. 6000 a month. His shifts are usually 8 hours, but at times he has to stay for 16- or 32-hour shifts also. Due to the demanding nature of his work, from time to time he finds it hard to attend his classes regularly. As a result he failed one year.

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